Mindfulness in nature – savoring color

I adore the color purple. Put me in a full-bloom field of lavender come July and I’m giddy with happiness. I’m continually impressed but not surprised by what we’ve learned in the field of therapeutic horticulture about the many health benefits available through our interactions with plants.

Savoring nature is especially important because it’s helpful to intentionally seek out positive experiences to balance out the more difficult parts of our day. But savoring isn’t about clinging to pleasure, or surrounding ourselves with things that make us feel good 24/7 (as if that were possible). Savoring is a useful tool, one of a number of mindfulness-based practices that ground us in our body, combat stressors, and boost mind/body health.

“…Savoring in this moment that we are awake, that we are breathing, that we are alive at a time when not all beings woke up alive and breathing and seeing today…What a precious gift this is.”

The exquisite experience of a child’s laughter, a bumblebee visiting a brightly colored flower, the taste of a ripe strawberry, the smell of cinnamon or curry, the feeling of a loved one’s hand in our own – these all arise and fall away in a river of impermanence. All of life is fleeting. We will lose everything, in the end.

We stand to gain the world, if we practice mindful, compassionate awareness of our internal and external environment. We become even more powerful when we are able to couple these practices with skillful, valued action.

Show up, now. Notice when joy, connection, love, peace, happiness, and courage moves through your life. Take in the good – don’t miss it. And take care of your loved ones.

Below you’ll find The SAVOR Project’s newest Mindfulness in Nature video, where we explore our experience of savoring color. You can also watch it on the SAVOR YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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