Hello! I’m Dawnn Rabinovich Meiers, Psy.D. (formerly McWatters). For the past twenty-plus years, I’ve cultivated wellness for people and planet, as a psychologist, community educator, and therapeutic gardener.

I look forward to growing good things with you! Check out my woman-owned social enterprise at Lavender Belle Farm for pollinator-friendly herb starts, sunflower plants, and other gardenful swag. Beginning in 2023, a portion of the proceeds from my seed cards and botanical art products will support scholarship options for community therapeutic horticulture classes.

This educational website germinated out of the soil of my former work as a psychotherapist with a specialty in mindfulness-based eating disorder treatment and my two decades of experience as an edible gardener. Attendance at the 2017 American Horticultural Therapy Association’s annual conference, classes in horticultural therapy and plant science, and experiences as an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener further exposed me to ways that horticultural activities contribute to health and well-being. In recent years, I’ve led several presentations at the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association annual conference. In my new city of Seattle, Washington (as of December 2020), I volunteer at the Cesar Chavez Demonstration Garden and donate hundreds of plants to community organizations, including the Beacon Hill Garden Share. In July 2023, I’m scheduled to attend the New York Botanical Garden’s three-week Summer Intensive as part of their therapeutic horticulture certificate program.

If you’re looking for information about my new ecotherapy practice for women who reside in Washington State, please visit www.drmeiers.com.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my multi-ethnic, neurodiverse family and engaging in a ever-widening variety of interests, which include botanical art, nature writing, and amateur birdwatching.

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