Sunflowers and more in a Portland garden


I’m over-the-moon excited to have pictures from my home garden featured on Fine Gardening magazine’s website today.

As many gardeners know, growing is a year-round job (we’re planning and cleaning up, even in winter) and we don’t often get a chance to share.ย Often, we’re alone when we experience those magical moments….the sight of a hummingbird or dragonfly hovering near a flower bed; the first lush harvest of spring greens; the ripening rose of a tomato; the crinkled tips of kale, waving for your attention and just visible beneath the snow.

And sunflowers – don’t get me started. Next to daffodils, toddlers, and puppies, I think they’re some of the happiest things on earth.

Gardening. Talk about nourishing our senses and feeding our hungers – all of them. Gardening has pulled me through some dark times, and it’s helped me celebrate the good times. It’s helped to connect me with my ancestors and it’s helped to make new friends.

I love growing food, and I love teaching others how to grow. That’s why I’m here.

Even if you don’t have a garden yourself, I challenge you to sit next to someone else’s garden when it is in full swing and see how your body responds after a few minutes. And the good news is that during this period of social distancing, nature and gardens are still open. Even if we can’t garden together, and even if some gardens are closed, I guarantee there are enough green spaces (or webcams and images of green spaces) to feed all of us….until we can dig in again, together. Soon.

In the meantime, check out these articles or links to live nature cams:



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