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zen-rocks.jpgLife is a glorious and complicated affair, filled with opportunities for gratitude and savoring, as well as daily challenges that occur at home, at work, in our bodies, and in our world.

The good news is that we possess some measure of control – if not to eliminate the difficult experiences we encounter in daily life, then at least to choose how we respond to them. We can learn to engage more skillfully in our lives. And through healthy lifestyle behaviors, we can minimize the negative impact that stress (including chronic or toxic stress) has upon mind/body health.  An effective stress management plan is built like the stones in this picture: intentionally, one piece at a time.

Individual stress management sessions: Engage in an evaluation of current sources and symptoms of stress; assess your level of adversity, resiliency and self-compassion; develop an effective stress management plan that incorporates a focus upon sleep hygiene, balanced nutrition, regular movement, exposure to nature, mindful awareness, and other culturally specific resources; strengthen coping skills and strategies; and identify factors that might interfere with long-term success.

Visit this page to learn more about how to schedule these online individual sessions and/or related telehealth services.

Groups and classes: Group settings are a great way to learn stress management skills and strategies, while benefiting from the experiences of others. Participate in an upcoming group or class at a convenient location near you. No events are scheduled at this time – please check back soon. 


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