Sow to SAVOR

Savor| \ ˈsā-vər

1. taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.
2. enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant), especially by dwelling on it.
3. the mindful awareness of the experience of pleasure.
Synonyms: relish, enjoy (to the full), appreciate, delight in, revel in, luxuriate in, bask in (“she wanted to savor every bite”)

Savoring can be conceptualized as both a learnable skill and a lifelong practice, and when pursued by individuals who have been historically marginalized or oppressed, is a radical act of resistance.

Here at The SAVOR Project, we focus upon the mind/body benefits of savoring, especially as it relates to growing, preparing, consuming, and sharing food. We believe that all living beings are interdependent upon one another and when we engage in ethical, compassionate eating behaviors, everyone thrives.

Our core principles include:

  • we believe that food literacy is essential to personal, community, and global health
  • we celebrate all food stories, especially those that are lost or marginalized
  • we believe that everyone deserves access to clean water and nutritious food

Sow to SAVOR is an educational program that incorporates wisdom and resources from the following fields:

SAVOR welcomes anyone who is seeking more pleasure, balance, and connection in their relationship with food. Interested in digging in deeper? Stay tuned for classes, workshops, and individual coaching opportunities coming in 2023.

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