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Mindfulness in nature – savoring color

I adore the color purple. Put me in a full-bloom field of lavender come July and I’m giddy with happiness. I’m continually impressed but not surprised by what we’ve learned in the field of therapeutic horticulture about the many health benefits available through our… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in nature – savoring color”

Dr. Richard Davidson speaks about mindfulness

“The research indicates that these are very simple contemplative practices that don’t require any special tools other than one’s own mind and can be practiced for a few minutes at a time and if they are done regularly, they lead to systematic changes in… Continue Reading “Dr. Richard Davidson speaks about mindfulness”

Family friendly: Meditation explained, in two minutes

Check out this great video from Mindful.org.

Putting meditation to the test

Although this article is from 2010, I recently discovered it and found it to be an informative overview of the benefits of mindfulness training. Happy reading!

Separating old “stories” from the rest of our experience

Lately in my clinical practice I’ve been exploring the gap between our habitual “stories” or personal narratives that we carry around with us (sometimes for many decades) and the reality of our present moment  in-the-body experience. This has come up repeatedly in my personal… Continue Reading “Separating old “stories” from the rest of our experience”