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Mindful writing with nature

How are you like a tree? A mountain? An ocean? What nourishes your soil? How do you know when you are depleted or in need of replenishment? Which seeds have you intentionally sowed in your lifetime – and which do you still long to… Continue Reading “Mindful writing with nature”

An inquiry into food and hunger, through writing

“Eat bread and understand comfort. Drink water, and understand delight…” (Mary Oliver,Β To Begin With, the Sweet Grass) Our relationship with food can reveal something about who we are, where we’ve been, or where we hope to head in the future; how we respond to… Continue Reading “An inquiry into food and hunger, through writing”

What’s YOUR story?

Recently I came across this article from the American Psychological Association on the power of the “redemptive story.” Β As many of us know, the stories we tell ourselves – the meaning we make out of life events, whether they are positive or painful –… Continue Reading “What’s YOUR story?”