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Love in the grocery aisles: mindfulness and compassion

About eight years ago, I attended a brief womenโ€™s metta retreat. Following a weekend of meditation and near silence, re-entry back into the โ€œreal worldโ€ proved surprisingly difficult even though Iโ€™d participated in previous retreats. The challenge started once I left the rural retreat… Continue Reading “Love in the grocery aisles: mindfulness and compassion”

Mindfulness in nature – Introduction

In this brief mindfulness exercise, choose an object from nature (indoors or outside). Enjoy the opportunity to focus with intention, curiosity, and compassion – all skills that translate into significant mind/body health benefits, over time.

Meditation in the edible garden

Coping during COVID-19

Greetings, friends. There’s a lot going on in our world, isn’t there? If you’re reading this, I’m glad you’re here and I hope something in this post will serve you. By now, I hope you’ve accessed the latest science-based recommendations about how to minimize… Continue Reading “Coping during COVID-19”