The Sow to SAVOR Series

Over the past year, the SAVOR Project explored the growing cycle – in edible and botanical gardens, and on kitchen window sills, rooftops, and balconies. Together, we’ve born witness to stories of pain and resilience, and many of us have sown seeds of hope, compassion, and change.

In Fall 2021, SAVOR’s educational programming will resume with the Sow to SAVOR online class series. You’ll learn and practice empirically-supported, nature-infused strategies drawn from fields that include behavioral health, positive psychology, mindful eating, and therapeutic horticulture, all geared toward empowering YOU in your mind/body health journey. The SAVOR Project’s mission is to promote individual health and wellness as an important first step toward positive systemic change.

Whether you’re seeking to build stress management skills including mindful awareness, or hoping to make progress toward a health goal such as improved sleep, the Sow to SAVOR series can help. Register for the inaugural Sow to SAVOR class series prior to September 15 to receive an early bird discount. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community members are invited to use the code EQUITY to receive an additional 20% discount.

Tuesdays: September 28, 2021 – October 26, 2021 (7:00 PST – 8:30pm PST). Register here. Practice week 10/19 – no class!

Sundays: November 7, 2021 – December 5, 2021 (1:00pm PST – 2:30pm PST). Register here. Practice week 11/28 – no class!

Thursdays: December 2, 2021 – December 30, 2021 (12:00pm PST – 1:30pm PST). Register here. Practice week 12/23 – no class!

Sow to SAVOR follows a typical edible gardening season and includes four class sessions:

  • Why we plant: What’s motivating you to address physical, cognitive, or emotional health? What are you hoping to gain if you met your health goals? Engage in a series of self-assessments, practice a nature-inspired expressive writing exercise, and be inspired by diverse stories of change.
  • Amending our soil: What do you personally need to grow? How can nature support you as a healing ally? We’ll review basic self-care principles and components of a healthy “mental diet,” and introduce skills such as mindful eating, self-compassion, and nature play.
  • Sowing new seeds: Learn what’s needed to grow successful change. Plan to plant one or more new behaviors, as an experiment. We’ll also participate in several mindfulness-based exercises using nature as our prompt. Following this session, you’ll have a week off to practice, “water,” and reflect, before we return for our final class.
  • Savoring the harvest: What’s going well so far – and what needs adjustment? Celebrate successes (if you can’t find any, you’re not looking hard enough!). Discover the practice of savoring pleasurable experiences and why “growing the good” – with the help of positive psychology research, is so essential for well-being.

What to expect:

  • A balance of education and guided mindfulness, reflective, and creative exercises, taught by a healthcare professional with extensive experience (15 years +).
  • A solo “practice week” that follows our third class session, when you’ll implement your plan, experiment with new behaviors, and gather information on how things are going. During this “off” week, you’ll receive an email with prompts, encouragement, and reflective questions. You’ve got this – and we’ve got your back!
  • A learning environment that celebrates diverse cultural backgrounds, wisdom traditions, and healing practices, with a resource list that reflects contributions of BIPOC thought leaders.
  • Prior to class, a mailed package that includes a seasonal seed packet (continental U.S., only – others will receive a substitute gardening gift); a journal to track personal progress, and several nature-based items, which we’ll incorporate into class.
  • The option to attend each session live and/or to watch the content on-demand, after each session is recorded. All videos are available to view for up to 120 days after the course series ends.
  • If sufficient interest, a monthly drop-in class for participants who want to share progress, gain additional resources, and fine-tune skills.
  • A rotating schedule each monthly series (i.e. weekends, evenings, weekdays), to accommodate a variety of participant schedules.

Register now for an upcoming Sow to SAVOR class series! A fully on-demand version of this course will be available in the coming months. The instructor reserves the right to cancel/reschedule a series if less than four participants. For questions and more information, contact

Please note: SAVOR Project offerings are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment, and while potentially therapeutic, participation does not constitute a psychotherapy relationship. Always seek treatment from a licensed healthcare professional if you believe that you are experiencing symptoms of medical or mental health condition.

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