Embracing all senses to savor our food

Food can be a source of immense pleasure and enjoyment, particularly if you take the time to savor each moment of eating through all of your senses. Contrasted with mindless or out-of-control eating (what food? who ate it? where did it go?), slowing down to engage in mindful eating of a food item can be a life-changing event. Literally. I’ve had workshop participants realize things about food that they’ve been eating all of their life, such as: “A raisin tastes like that?? Really?” And: “I don’t even like this food – why do I keep eating it?” Others have discovered, contrary to their expectations, that eating just one piece of a food item really was enough to satiate their hunger, particularly if they allowed themselves to fully experience their food. Who knew? Read More

Introduction to Mindful Eating

“Mindful eating” has been gaining popularity, but as Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program) once said, the practice of mindfulness itself is “deceptively simple.” How easy is it, really, to pay attention to our  present experience as we engage in an activity such as eating? As you may already know, it’s actually quite difficult. Read More