Worms make the world go ’round

I’ve written previously about vermicomposting and the value of cultivating a healthy worm system in your garden, but here are a few more resources I’ve come across in the past week. Plus, exploring the world of worms is a fun, family-friendly activity. And a good way to assess the health of your soil, if you’re contemplating a new edible garden or just wondering how well your garden is doing. All part of The SAVOR Project’s “growing healthy gardens, families, and communities” educational mission!

“Worms are the unsung heroes of the productive garden” – thanks to Territorial Seed Company for including a link to this short video in their email newsletter:

Last Saturday I eavesdropped on my daughter’s new Stop Motion Animation class and put together this goofy little clip. Stay tuned as I celebrate mindful eating and therapeutic horticulture (i.e. having fun with our food!) in future family-friendly creative offerings:

Have a good rest of your week, friends. And be sure to follow this blog as well as my feed on IG, because I’ll be offering more tips for growing food, health, and fun in the future.

(All photos courtesy of Shutterstock)

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