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Wow, two posts in one day! That’s a record. Read on for a new opportunity starting….tomorrow! Yes, this very week. As in Thursday, September 3, 2020.

I know all of us are trying to meet life responsibilities in the midst of these unprecedented times. As the working parent of a young child with special needs, and a family that lives on a small peri-urban farm, it feels like the days are rushing by faster than I can catch. And yet, each day seems like I’ve lived a lifetime of joys and losses, depending upon what’s happening in our home and in our country at the time. Can you relate? I imagine you can.

I hope each and every one of you finds time to practice self-compassion and stress management in a way that works for you. Even if you pause for just one moment – checking in with the body, offering it a small act of self-care, and savoring something that nourishes you through the senses: a flower, a color, an aroma, music in the background, the soft texture of a houseplant or a beloved pet. Then, step back into the stream of your life and keep up the kind, values-oriented action.

Beginning this Thursday, I’m finally experimenting with online guided mindful eating education sessions, drawing upon my extensive background as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and explicitly focused upon our relationship with food. Drop in once or attend every week. Learn more and register in advance (required) by visiting this page. These short-and-sweet sessions will be held on Thursdays from 12:00pm – 12:30pm (PST) via Zoom. No experience or sharing required. All participants who register will also receive a copy of the recorded session, within the week – a helpful feature if you aren’t available to attend at the scheduled time.

Topics include basic mindful eating, listening to hunger, mindful food celebrations, and exploring edible gardens. Freely offered in the month of September, although small donations support this ongoing work and your confirmation email will include a Paypal link to contribute, if you are so inclined.

If things work out, I’ll upgrade the webinar platform and continue these weekly sessions with a rotating schedule throughout the months ahead, with a sliding scale of $5-$15 for each session (and individuals who identify as BIPOC can use code EQUITY to participate for free). Once again, here’s that link to register for the sessions that speak to you.

Interested in mindful eating and want to drop me a line about a topic? Feel free to email savor@drmcwatters.com. If you know others who might want to participate in this offering as well, pass it on. Much appreciated!

Stay safe and be well, friends.

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