Ally vs Accomplice, in the plant world

Repost: I really appreciate this image shared today via social media by the Equitable Giving Circle and @BrittHawthorne. I’ll admit – there’s a reason I’m a gardener. I’m all about the eye sense and I’ve always been a hard-core visual learner. I know that we can’t reduce complex topics like antiracism into cute little pixels but I find it tremendously helpful to visually check in and to “check” ourselves as we move forward in our individual + collective antiracism work.

While the concepts of ally versus accomplice aren’t brand-new, this pyramid really helped me understand where I might fall (quite literally, fall, when I’m hovering between levels) and what it looks like to move from well-intentioned but often reactive allyship to long-term, invested, reliable partnership. I’m holding these questions very seriously lately as I move from the planning to implementation stages of this thing I’m calling The SAVOR Project. Also, as the white adoptive parent of a Black child, as a healthcare professional and as a master gardener volunteer, I’m invested in reducing my own racist footprint and nourishing the soil of my BIPOC community members. I’ll be honest, many weeks it feels like two steps forward, one step back. Trying to be patient with myself and others, at a time when patience understandably runs thin.

That’s it for now. Except to say that along these lines, I’m giving what I can to acknowledge both of the organizations that shared this work. If you’re a white reader and you find this guide helpful, considering donating to Britt Hawthorne or the Equitable Giving Circle, as well. I’m growing some herb plant babies on my deck to hopefully drop off at the next “Come Thru BIPOC Market” so consider donating plants if that’s your thing. Find your thing. The edible garden is mine. Let’s all show up.

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