Black Health Matters

I’ve committed to centering BIPOC and especially Black voices, now and ongoing, but I’m briefly pausing to forward on this digital storytelling video I just discovered by University of Washington public health students, which discusses the health inequities inherent in our country’s response (or lack of response) to those with COVID-19, especially within our communities of color. This information is directly relevant to the racial justice issues many of us have been discussing in recent days. The video was shared by University of Washington School of Nursing Professor Josephine Ensign, who presented at a Narrative Medicine conference I attended several years ago and is doing impressive work in our local communities.

As a healthcare professional and as the mother of a Black daughter, I find the statistics on Black maternal health and existing health inequities within the Black community deeply disturbing. I continue to educate myself and I have a long way to go, but I appreciate resources like this to guide me in my efforts to support policy and systemic change.

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