What is mindful eating?

health-safety-and-nutrition-300x300From the seminal book, Mindful Eating, by Jan Chozen Bays, MD:

“Mindful eating is an experience that engages all parts of us, our body, our heart, and our mind, in choosing, preparing, and eating food. Mindful eating involves all of the senses…”


“Mindful eating is a way to discover one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings. It is also a path to uncovering many wonderful activities that are going on right under our noses and within our own bodies. Mindful eating also has the unexpected benefit of helping us tap into our body’s natural wisdom and our heart’s natural capacity for openness and gratitude.”

Mindful eating skills are available to all of us, with practice. In the coming months, I’ll be reviewing these skills here at The SAVOR Project. But you can also practice on your own, and a good place to start is the Mindful Eating book (which comes with a CD of guided exercises), available at your local bookstore. I have the original version but I hear the newest edition includes an audio download as well.

Mindful eating connects us more intimately – and I’d like to suggest, more happily, and healthily – with our food sources: from the earth itself, to the plants and farmers who feed us, to the many food workers and systems that provide our meals everyday.

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