Mindful eating as meaningful action

Yes! This still stands ๐Ÿ™‚

the SAVOR project

farm to plate WH photo

As farm-to-school programs, community gardens, CSAs, and farmerโ€™s markets grow in number, more individuals are participating in and gaining an appreciation for the entire food cycle, from growing their food to procuring, preparing, cooking, and savoring it. First Lady Michelle Obamaโ€™s famous White House Garden will continue under the stewardship of new First Lady Melania Trump, who said: โ€œGardening teaches us the fundamentals in care and the evolution of living things, all while inspiring us to nurture our minds and to relax and strengthen our bodies.โ€

Here at A Mindful Meal, Iโ€™m not just a psychologist and mindful eating educator, but Iโ€™m also a cook, hobby farmer, and food justice activist. I love food from just about every angle, and part of my mission is to help reconnect you to meaningful experiences with food, too.

In the bookย Mindful Eating,Dr. Jan Chosen Bays, MDโ€ฆ

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