What’s YOUR story?

Recently I came across this article from the American Psychological Association on the power of the “redemptive story.”  As many of us know, the stories we tell ourselves – the meaning we make out of life events, whether they are positive or painful – can shape our identities, our futures, even the our memory of the experiences themselves. If we allow ourselves to feel (and accept) the impact of living through adversity, we can come out on the other side with greater wisdom and positive well-being.

What’s been difficult for you, in your life? And how much do you allow or acknowledge its impact? Do you tell yourself a story that is distorted or negative – that you are inherently “bad” or “unworthy,” as a result of these circumstances? Or do you admit that while painful, the event might have revealed a need for greater awareness, skills, or support, or otherwise taught you some lesson that has made you stronger as a person?

What we say to ourselves – and others – really does matter…

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