Stop, Breathe, and Listen

Friends, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy working on other writing endeavors (and parenting….and the garden…and a little rest, when I can),pet_sitting_header_lakeland_fl549337 but hopefully you’ve been visiting my Facebook page for updates on mindfulness in the world and in our local community.

Remember how we were all taught to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” in fire safety class? Lately, as we’ve been navigating the public school system, I’m realizing how essential mindfulness practices are to our children and ourselves as adults. Wouldn’t it be great if our children were taught to “Stop, Breathe, and Listen (to their Bodies)” as part of a normal school day? What would your life be like, today, if you were taught these skills right alongside reading, writing, and math?

The good news is that our friends at Peace in Schools (for our local high schools) and Mindful Schools (for the littler folk) are trying to do just that. Pretty soon, mindfulness training might be coming to a school near you. But the good news is, it’s already available in your community, and easy to bring into your home life right now. Be sure to check out my updated resource page for lots of good information on the basics of mindfulness practice, the benefits, and the science.

Happy summer! And this picture is a reminder that mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be all serious and somber…there is so much joy and possibility in our lives: right now. Just wake up, and listen.

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