Savoring life and slowing down

Savor: to become acquainted with by experience; to perceive or recognize; to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in.

In the past year, I’ve closed my Washington practice and said goodbye to some dear colleagues and clients, opened a new Portland office, resumed my mindfulness-based eating groups, and strengthened my connection with an incredible community of mindfulness-based practitioners from around the world. Life feels very full right now, and very fruitful. Yet, I’ve also heard a calling that’s become impossible to ignore…and really, I don’t want to. A call to pause, to allow myself to fully arrive after all of these transitions, and to become more deeply acquainted with everythingΒ  and everyone (including myself) that is present in my life.Β  With all of the ‘doing’ of these past months, I’ve realized that the time has come (in gardener- or farmer-speak) to let the soil of my work rest, to dress it with nourishing teachings, retreats, and practice, without expectation of what it will yield, yet to trust that when it is time, what will naturally emerge will feed me and those that I serve in a more lasting, sustainable way.

As a result, I’ll be temporarily pausing the MB-EAT/EAT program for fall 2012, but look for a return of such offerings as we move into 2013. Meanwhile, I will continue to post on topics related to mindfulness, mindful eating, and on a joyful relationship with food, both in this blog as well as on the Mindful Meal Facebook page. Enjoy the rest of your summer and savor all that it contains. I’ll be doing the same.

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